Tuesday, February 19, 2019

One on One Personal Training

Get Fit With 

Rich Personal 

Training provides

 professional, one

 on one personal

 fitness training programs.

 Since 1998 Rich has supported

  people in reaching

 their health and personal

 fitness goals. 

He would love to help you too!

 It's All About You!

 Lose fat  

Gain muscle

  Manage an injury 

 Improve your overall


 Build... Strength

  Power  Speed 

 Stamina  Flexibility 

Why Get Fit With Rich? 

He just may inspire you

 to have almost as much

 fun getting into shape,

 as you did getting out of shape. 

His authentic one on one 

personal training includes 

complete privacy, 

no embarrassment, 

no dress code, no intimidation 

and is completely confidential. 

He has a friendly atmosphere 

so you have no pressure, 

no pain and you progress

 gradually. His fitness training 

will help you pick up people

 (for instance even

 your grandchildren!).

 Finally, he is conveniently located

 in the heart of Squirrel Hill on Phillips Avenue.

 "Whether you are

 a beginner, intermediate or 

advanced athlete, 

"I will help you train safely and 

effectively to achieve your

 fitness goals."

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